Straws & Straw sleeves

Bamboodee Co. offers the most authentic bamboo straw on the market.

Our straws are made of natural bamboo. They are crafted with the intention of keeping as much of the natural bamboo look as possible, giving you a stylish alternative to the traditional plastic straw. Many bamboo straws on the market today are made by machines and sanded down until you have nothing more then a boring old piece of wood. What fun is that? Show off your bamboo straw in your favorite drinks and make 'plastic free' look good! We believe in the details.

With Bamboodee Co. all straws are handmade. No machines are used. Straws are undergo an extensive treatment process, making them safe and ready for use. They are boiled, cured, sanded & polished. No chemicals are used.

Bamboodee Co. bamboo straws and sleeves are both locally made in northern Thailand. We take pride in supporting locals and providing them and their families with additional income through crafting Bamboodee Co. products.

You can learn more about the care of your straws on our FAQ page.

Thank you for supporting Bamboodee Co.