Where are bamboodee Co. products made?

Bamboodee Co. products are all locally made in northern Thailand. We take pride in supporting locals and providing them and their families with additional income through crafting Bamboodee Co. products.

Are the straws safe?

Of course! Our bamboo straws all undergo a treatment process, making them safe, sanitized and ready for use. No chemicals are used throughout the process.

How do I clean my straw?

Our bamboo straws can be hand washed or placed in the dishwasher(although using a dishwasher will decrease the lifespan). All orders which include bamboo straws also include a cleaning brush.

When using your straw while out and about, a quick and easy way to clean it is to dip it in your glass of water at a restaurant and take a sip, or even stick it in your water bottle and give it a good shake. Wipe it off, place it in your straw sleeve, and be on your way. You'll of course want to give it a deeper cleaning when you get home. Boiling your straws in water with vinegar every so often is also recommended.

Don't forget to occasionally wash your straw sleeve as well. This can be placed in the washer. They are best when air dried, but can be placed in the dryer.

how long do the straws last?

The life of your straw of course depends on the overall usage and care. It could last anywhere from a few months to a few years. Keeping your straw clean and dry after each use will greatly increase the chances of a longer lifespan. Washing your straws in a dishwasher will decrease the lifespan of your straw.

why do all the straws look differently?

Our bamboo straws are all carefully crafted from natural bamboo and are intended to keep their authentic bamboo look. This varies from many straws on the market which are made by machines & sanded down, leaving you with nothing more then a boring old piece of wood. We believe in the details. Each piece of bamboo is different in it's shading, circumference, knots, character, etc. Please remember this when place your order. If you are not happy with your straws, please let us know!

what sizes are the straws?

At the moment, we only make the traditional 8 1/2" inch straw. If you have a custom size you would like to order, please send us a message.


what if I am not happy with my straws?

If you are not happy with your straws or are having any issues with them, please send us a message. We are here to help!