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SUSTAINABILITY starts with you

Refuse single use plastic. 


Our story

After traveling extensively throughout Southeast Asia, I fell in love with Chiang Mai, Thailand; a city know for it's mindfully optimistic atmosphere. Being surrounded by a community that encouraged such a mindful lifestyle, slowly left its mark. Seeing the small changes amongst many people lead to big changes overall was intriguing. If this can be done in one place, certainly it can be done in others. This was the start of Bamboodee Co.

Bamboodee Co. began with the intentions of designing products which help consumers say 'no' to the traditional plastic straw. As things started moving forward, I also gained a tremendous amount of gratitude for having the opportunity to provide work and income to locals in northern Thailand, a place I now call home.

Your bamboo straw purchases help provide work for a small family of farmers as they hand make each straw. From heading into the jungle to cut the bamboo, all the way to treating and finishing the straws, our straws are the definition of ‘authentic’. We take pride in supporting locals rather then big box factories in China who supply much of the ‘bamboo straw’ market.

As you can imagine, life in northern Thailand is much different from the western world. I work very closely with the families in creating our products, as they learn and adopt the quality standards that are expected of customers who enjoy our products.

Our straw sleeves are all made by one single women, who has a daughter in high school and a newborn baby(as of spring 2018) and is able to stay at home and work while caring for her children. I have worked closely with her as well, as we create a straw sleeve ideal for most reusable straws.

My assistant, friend & translator is a part time hair stylist and real estate agent among other jobs. She is pretty much amazing!

Although the language barrier, everyone involved in Bamboodee Co. sends their thanks for helping to make this possible!


WHY choose bamboodee co?

Our straws are made from natural bamboo and handcrafted in a small village in northern Thailand. Bamboodee Co. is able to give local farmers an additional source of income by creating the straws.

'Dee' translates to 'good' in Thai. Bamboo, being one of the fastest growing plants in the world, as well as being completely biodegradable, makes it a GREAT alternative to the traditional plastic straw.

Plastic is only 'degradable', meaning that it will only break down into smaller pieces and never completely decompose. This means that every piece of plastic you've ever used is still on this planet.

With Americans alone using on average, 500 million plastic straws per day, something needs to change. Bamboodee Co. offers consumers a stylish and eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, making a difference, one less plastic straw at a time. 

Each straw undergoes an extensive treatment process, making it safe and ready for use. The straws can be easily cleaned at home. Their life span of course depends on their individual usage and care. We also sell straw sleeves so that you can bring your straw with you on the go and say 'no' to plastic straws.



by 2050, estimates show more plastic than fish in the world's oceans. join bamboodee CO. in the fight against plastic.